A bright and crunchy slaw that will brighten up any table. A fabulous accompaniment to cold meats, cheese, smoked salmon or put simply alongside a baked potato!

So many great seasonal vegetables can be used to create a slaw; red or white cabbage, celeriac, fennel, onions, carrot and you could throw in a few nuts or raisins. Create your own.



1 celeriac peeled
1-2 carrots
1 bulb of fennel
a handful of flat parsley

For the dressing:
4 tbs of olive oil
3 tbs of natural yogurt
2 heaped tsp of dijon (or wholegrain) mustard
Juice of half a lemon

- Grate or ribbon all the vegetables then dry mix them into a large bowl
- Whisk the dressing up separately and pour into the vegetables ensuring that all     the vegetables are well coated
- Mix in the chopped parsley
- Season really well
- Allow for the vegetables and dressing to infuse well before serving (keep refrigerated prior to serving)