'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...'

Serve naked (the chestnut!) as a winter snack with a glass of port or a warm mug of mulled wine preferably next to a roaring fire!

  • Make a shallow X in the flat side of the chestnut with a sharp knife
  • Cut through the shell but not to cut into the meat beneath.



Roasting chestnuts - the traditional way to cook them and gives the best flavour. Roast the chestnuts until the shell splits open at the cut, or you see steam! Don’t worry about the shell turning black in places, this adds flavour and the shell if going to be removed anyway!

Oven-baking - Slit the shells as described above and bake the chestnuts on a tray at 200C until the shells split open at the cut, which should take around half an hour. It’s a good idea to shake the tray to turn the nuts every ten minutes or so.

Boiled - yes you can boil them! Prepare as described above and pop them into a pan of boiling water for 15 minutes.

Chestnuts are easier to peel when they are still warm so as soon as you can handle them, get peeling!