Customer Testimonials


The quality of the veg bags is great – we are very pleased to be part of your great initiative!

Emma, NW2

This evening, myself, my husband, our three boys and a friend with her son had a meal together using most of the contents of the last bag. We roasted the potatoes, carrots, parsnips, fennel and squash. We stir fried the whole head of cabbage with chilli, ginger and garlic. Every last bit of vegetable was polished off with the kids fighting over the last few bits on the plate. My kids loved the fennel which they had never eaten before and asked when we are having it again. My friend (who helped me prepare it) commented that it looked fresher than any she had every bought before. So I just wanted to say well done on your service and also ask if I can swap to the largest size bag as all I have left after tonight is the beetroot and thyme!

Ilana, NW2

I picked up at [the pick-up place] yesterday and the veg are just great! So fresh and healthy-looking! Must go now and cook…

Sue, NW6

Lovely veg again, thanks Field to Fork. And I bought a dozen organic eggs from [the pick-up place] when I did the pick up, so I’m using the local shops more too!”

Molly, NW10

I really think the service is fantastic. There’s a huge difference in quality compared to what you get in the supermarket.

Alex, NW2

Just picked up my first ever veg bag and I am totally overwhelmed! Such amazing variety of veg, so fresh and so much of it. What great value and quality – so much more gratifying than trawling the aisles of identically-proportioned vegetables in the supermarket. Will definitely be recommending your veg bags to all my friends in the area. Thank you for brightening up my Thursday!

Chiara, NW10

Your communication strategy is really good! I like the link to the website/blog with info about bag contents and recipes. I am looking forward to getting my 2nd bag today!

Janis, NW6

Thank you for introducing me to vegetables that I have never heard of. My colleagues thought I had lost my marbles when I pulled out a bag of flowers last week and started eating them.

Grace, NW2